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Why You Should Choose a Destination Wedding

Dreaming of tying the knot barefoot on a beach, surrounded by your nearest and dearest with a gentle sea breeze caressing your face? Many couples yearn for this simple style of tropical wedding, but think it will be too difficult to plan or out of their budget.

However, planning a destination wedding is not only cheaper than you imagined, it’s also a whole lot easier.

So here is why you should choose a destination wedding.

On The Ground Support

Before we go into all the reasons why an away wedding is such a great choice, let’s talk about the importance of a local coordinator or planner. With an at-home wedding, you could get away without employing a planner - you probably already know some vendors, can easily scout locations and chat with local companies. It is a time-consuming job, but a doable one.

This isn’t the case with a destination wedding. You probably don’t know much about what is available on the ground. Which is why you will need a local expert to help with this process. Someone who knows the best spots to shoot those all-important wedding photos, who can help you with local laws, handle the paperwork involved and negotiate special rates with the best vendors.


When you choose a destination wedding, it is likely your guest list will be small. You will probably only invite your closest friends and family. The wedding party will also be small - meaning less cost for food and drinks. Because you’ll be booking hotel rooms, meals and activities for a group, your local planner will be able to negotiate some impressive group discounts for anything from transport to adventure excursions.

Your destination will of course dictate your expenses. Choose somewhere that is affordable and easy to get to, with a decent exchange rate to get more bang for your buck. Samoa is a great example. It is only a short trip away from New Zealand or Australia, and the exchange rate favours foreign dollars. Meaning you can get more for your money!

Lower Stress

With your standard at-home wedding, you’re going to be working your butt off to get things perfect, right up until the eve of the event and probably well into the day-of. Not only that, you will be juggling regular tasks like laundry, walking the dog and all the routine of everyday life.

By the time you walk down the aisle, you’ll be so exhausted that the day will pass in a blur.

With a destination wedding, you’ll arrive a few days before the big day, and although there’ll be some business to take care of, your local planner will have everything lined up. Really, you just get to lie back and enjoy the beach, have a massage or two, sip a cocktail and truly be able to soak in the moment.

Time To Bond

This wedding is a holiday for your mates and family too. Most will stay a few days on the island, giving you plenty of time to catch up, go on some adventures as a group, eat meals together, and really get in some bonding time.

Samoa has an endless array of amazing group activities, whether it’s checking out the natural wonders of the island - from volcanoes and rainforests to waterfalls and snorkeling - or learning the indigenous Samoan slap dance of “Fa’ataupati, you and your crew will have a blast.

Unforgettable Photos

Samoa is a prime example of a destination wedding paradise - just think of those wedding photos! Wandering along a white-sand beach, standing in front of a cascading waterfall surrounded by rainforest, or even just posing in front of a quaint old local church. The snaps you can get during your destination wedding will usually far exceed the locations you can hunt down in your hometown.

A Great Option

Although you might need to start planning a little more in advance than for a home town wedding, destination weddings are an excellent option for brides and grooms who want a relaxed wedding day that will create lifelong memories.

They key to a successful destination wedding is having a local expert who can be on the ground organizing all the different aspects before you even land. Then all you will need to focus on is sending your save-the-date cards and counting down the days until your wedding in paradise!

If you are interested in having your destination wedding in Samoa, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Weddings in Samoa. We would love to tell you all about how amazing we can make your special day!

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